Future Perfect Continuous - test wiedzy

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    Mam nadzieję, że po zapoznaniu się z materiałem teoretycznym (znajdującym się w sekcji „Teoria gramatyki”) czasy przyszłe przestały stanowić dla Was problem. Sprawdźmy teraz czy jesteście w stanie poprawnie wypełnić luki czasownikami w formie właściwej dla czasu Future Perfect Continuous! 

Future Perfect Continuous - test wiedzy

Future Perfect Continuous - test wiedzy

1. you (work) in the company for seven years next week?

2. By the end of this month, Ramona (perform) her duties long enough to get benefits.

3. It can be easily calculated - when Toby leaves the beach, he (sunbathe) for three hours.

4. By the time he finishes this semester, Rico (study) nothing but bones for three years.

5. Diana (work) at the bank for four straight years before it finally closes.

6. By 2023, you (live) in New Orleans longer than you have lived anywhere else.

7. In December next year, Allen and Sammy (not/exercise) for eight years.

8. Simon will be tired when he returns, as he (play) outside the whole afternoon.

9. Let me tell you that - the party (go) for ages by the time we finally arrive.

10. Truman (practice) medicine for over eleven years when he finally completes his residency next month.

11. When your grandmother visits us this summer, we (live) together for exactly seven years.

12. By the end of the night, the dancer (perform) for seven hours.

13. By next Monday you (operate) this machine for six weeks, but you still do not understand how it works!

14. Jackie and Amanda (talk) for over an hour by the time James arrives.

15. Alan will become a better magician after the lessons, because he (practice) tricks for six months.

16. When you finish your Spanish course, you (live) in Barcelona for over three years?

17. By the end of the day, Juan (carry) bags of tomatoes on his back for seven hours.

18. In March, Alan (work) in our factory for two years.

19. Cindy (not/wait) for more than twenty minutes when her father's plane finally arrives.

20. Ron and Mandy will win that contest for they (prepare) for eight months.

21.The famous artist (paint) the mural for over a year by the time it is finished.

22. Sally and David (walk) for 4 hours by the time they get home.

23. By three o' clock this evening Alex (work) non-stop for twelve hours. He will be too tired to visit us.

24. Please tell me - how long you (study) when you graduate?

25. Timmy will be tired when he gets home because he will have been cycling (cycle) for over six hours.